Imagine your day-to-day operations truly matching your vision!!! As you walk through your operation, and everyone is executing the right steps at the right time, utilizing the right information.


The gaps between your vision and your reality have finally closed.

Frustrations --- Goodbye!

Chaos --- Goodbye!

Waste --- Goodbye!

Welcome to delighted customers, thriving employees, and managing your business to its true potential.

Our manufacturing and software experts partner with you, driving toward perfection in both your own operations and your supply chain.

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North Compass specializes in solving complex manufacturing problems with innovative software solutions. 

We partner with you to help your daily operations truly match your planned processes, closing problem gaps to exceed your goals and initiatives.


Whether you choose a custom application or utilizing one of our highly flexible pre-packaged solutions, you will be delighted with the positive impact to your operations. Cost effective solutions are waiting for your small, mid-tier, or large company needs.

North Compass -- Pursuit of Perfection

As a manufacturing manager in quality, operations, purchasing, continuous improvement, among others areas, over the last 17 years, I witnessed unnecessary company losses and management frustration. The best laid plans were rarely executed well. Time, money, and energy were wasted. Without great information at their fingertips, managers spent time focusing on the wrong areas and big problems were susceptible to falling through the cracks. The reality “on the floor” rarely came close to matching the vision of Senior Management. I knew there was a better way!!!

These experiences led me on a path focused on Quality and Lean and eventually to the emergence of North Compass. I set out to eliminate many common reasons for waste such as:        

  • Lack of sustained change management
  • Actual Practice not matching documented procedures
  • Valuable knowledge leaving with tenured employees
  • Working on the wrong thing at the wrong time
  • Significant delays due to disorganization
  • Missing documents in office processes
  • Inefficient communication chains
  • Missing training records
  • Policies not being followed
  • Managers consistently spending time “fighting fires”
And more

"As a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, my expertise lies in identifying and eliminating waste. And in the language of 'Lean', perfection is coined 'True North'. North Compass LLC was birthed from the strong desire to help companies along their Pursuit of Perfection or their journey to True North.

In pursuit of this vision, I pulled together a team of manufacturing, business optimization, quality, and software experts with decades of experience to create a better way. The team designed an amazing and flexible, yet cost-effective, software solution to assist any size company in its Pursuit of Perfection."  -- Drew Marshall, CEO

Imagine if ….

  • All your employees worked on the right thing at the right time
  • You could customize immediate and consistent notifications of problems
  • Training was available at the point-of-use and on-demand
  • Policy was communicated and you were ensured 100% conformance
  • Knowledge was captured and made available on-demand and at the point-of-use
  • Your documented procedures equal your live procedures
  • Change management was seamlessly enforced
  • Managers at all levels had accurate and consistent information on-demand to make decisions
  • Direct employees were provided work instructions and quality verification on-the-job
  • A paperless operation was a real option, even in document-intensive industries

Welcome to North Compass, where we partner with you on your company’s journey toward True North, closing the gaps between your current reality and your ideal vision.


North Compass aims to enable and inspire leaders to DREAM more, ACCOMPLISH more and do so with a new level of EXCELLENCE. If you’re a leader, you envision how great things “could be”, “should be”, but the reality of bringing your organization there involves many stumbling points or “gaps”. The North Compass software solutions ensure superior quality and improved efficiency, while simplifying the process and resources to get there. North Compass uses a servant-leadership philosophy and simple respect to inspire clients to obtain real and lasting results. By understanding your business needs and partnering with your employees, North Compass will show you a “better way” and walk with you on your journey to perfection.

Are you ready?