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Partner with our manufacturing and software experts to identify areas of opportunity and drive toward perfection in your own operations and your supply chain.  

What We Do

North Compass specializes in solving complex manufacturing problems with innovative software solutions helping your daily operations truly match your planned processes, closing problem gaps to exceed your goals!

Cost effective solutions are waiting for your small, mid-tier, or large company needs.

Gain greater control over your supply chain, fill existing gaps in ERP/MRP system processes, and improve your own continuous improvement journey.

Whether you choose a custom application or utilizing one of our highly flexible pre-packaged solutions, you will be delighted with the positive impact to your operations. 


One of the primary tenets of Toyota is the “pursuit of perfection” or in Lean speak, achieving “True North”. True North works as a compass providing a guide to take an organization from the current condition to where they want to be.

North Compass was founded to point companies toward “True North” in their own pursuit of perfection.

Utilizing the vision of supporting companies in their own specific journey, North Compass assembled a team of highly qualified manufacturing, software, and operations experts to create unique, flexible, and cost-effective solutions to help any size company along their journey to perfection.

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North Compass desires to inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, ACCOMPLISH more and do so with EXCELLENCE. We drive superior quality and improved efficiency, while simplifying the process to get there. North Compass uses a servant-leadership philosophy and simple respect to inspire clients to obtain real results.   Combined with World Class Developers, North Compass delivers results that LAST. North Compass will make a difference in your company by partnering with employees, understanding your business needs, bringing refreshing ideas and an enthusiastic spirit!

About Us / Overview

·         The Need

  o   North Compass was formed in 2014 through the efforts of the Chief Executive Officer, Drew Marshall. Following several years of extremely successful performance in the “big company” world, and then with his own company, Drew had determined that there is a “better way.” He brought together the right talent, experience, desire and tools forming a distinct unit that could cover all bases to assist any company in achieving “the best that we can be.”

·         A Consortium of Experts

  o   Drew gathered three companies and their leaders under the umbrella of North Compass to meet his outlined objectives: his own company, Leaders in Lean, Martin Oakes from Byte Design, and Jim Turner & Sasha Birger from North Compass. The partners bring strong backgrounds of operations management, quality, lean and continuous improvement experience, and software development in numerous diverse environments.

·         Automating Quality

  o   A common purpose of the founders has always been to offer methods to "automate quality" in each of their various endeavors. Partnering over the years, they have observed disappointment in lean implementations, ISO certifications, FDA approvals and the results of continuous improvement programs. Thus, North Compass was formed with a combination of talents, abilities and products to overcome potential pitfalls in true Continuous Improvement pursuits. Our team's objective is to bring you a new experience in "automating quality,” delivering an “ensured compliance” environment and guaranteeing business visibility for sustained success.

·         Business Process

  o   Leaders in Lean has leveraged many years of Lean business operations experience and hands-on approaches to lead clients to success. Leaders in Lean accomplished its success through applying a balanced approach of expert operational consulting with designing and developing tools to assist in operational initiatives.

·         Activity-Based Analysis

  o   Byte Design, Inc has had over 20 years of success in the development and updating of activity-based Business Optimization Models (including "what if" scenarios) based on linear programming for large manufacturing corporations.

·         User Interface/Data Structure

  o   North Compass, Inc. has provided its customers with reliable, efficient and affordable solutions that resolve a range of business challenges since 1998. These are the people who ensure that any product doesn’t intrude in the path of achieving “the best” recognition for a client company. North Compass has achieved outstanding growth in its industry and today employs over ninety people.

·         Merging to Make..

  o   North Compass. A company dedicated to understanding your business needs and objectives and applying our expertise, business automation, pre-built software solutions, and custom application development to ensure your company’s continued success.