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You start up the North Compass AI Engine. As the AI works, you start to see business insights and actionable intelligence you never knew could be extracted from your data. As your operational efficiency improves, you think … WOW!!! Can AI be used on market data as well? The AI is tweaked to look at market forces. You start to gain insights on how to delight your customers and improve your market share. You are proud to be a market innovator in AI. You think, what else can AI do for my company?


Not long ago, businesses suffered from lack of data. With modern computing technology, companies now have more data than analysts can transform into actionable intelligence. The amount of data collected is increasing exponentially every year and as IoT comes into play, companies that automate data analysis stay even further ahead of the competition.


Deploy the North Compass Artificial Intelligence engine to analyze your data for you. Utilize data from all your business systems to provide often over-looked key insights for your business. Gain insight into unseen market forces, customer perception, service optimization, and IoT utilization among many others. Setup AI to look at your scheduling and find efficiencies you never knew existed.

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AI is shaping to become a new major player on the Manufacturing IT stage, but few companies have acted on AI integration.

Why are most companies waiting to implement AI?
      1. Fear of the Unknown
– AI technology is not yet out of its crib, and AI has to learn how to walk in American enterprise before it can run.

      2. Major Players – The IT community is still watching to see who will become a major player in AI platforms, while Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and few others are bringing their AI development platforms to a usable form.

      3.  Case Studies – There are just a few public successful case studies proving AI to be a key performance differentiator in driving success in an enterprise.

However, we see more and more companies opening the R&D projects trying to explore various aspects of AI to deliver previously unrecognized value.

Why North Compass AI?  

If you would like to try AI, but do not have a multi-million AI budget, then North Compass AI is for you.

As a North Compass AI subscriber, you will not take any major risks. As a full-service provider, North Compass covers the complexities of setting up your AI connections.  Our engineers continuously monitor the quickly changing landscape of AI providers as we walk down your Path to Perfection. By partnering with you, we know your vision and thereby personally direct your implementation to achieve the most benefit from the latest and greatest Machine Learning technology. 

Here are a few examples of AI applications we can support:

  • Predictive analytics, big data processing, time series analysis

    o  Predicting orders based on historical behavior of markets
            o   Predicting the raw materials demand for purchasing
            o   Predicting the need for future work force
            o   Predicting warehouse space utilization
            o   And many more… 

  • Machine vision, in-line robotic quality control relying on machine vision techniques
  • Employee safety monitoring, incident prevention via AI-based monitoring of video feeds
  • Chat bots, speech-based hands-free machine interfaces for workers
  • Shrinkage reduction using automated video-feed analysis
  • AI-based training of employees, Just-In-Time training
  • Various Production Optimization solutions based on conditional optimization techniques (e.g. warehouse space utilization optimization)
  • Customer service improvements via AI monitoring of customer communications including voice calls, emails and social media
  • Better sales process management via continual AI monitoring of CRM data feeds
  • AI-based control on equipment maintenance, optimization of service and better downtime prevention via a better service model

And many more. 

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