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You are receiving actionable intelligence in real-time to make informed business decisions. Customers are delighted with your responsiveness and you are seeing the results driving competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Too much data, yet too little useful information? Managers at all levels of an organization require accurate and timely information to make proper business decisions. In today’s world of data collection, companies might have all the data they need, but lack timely and accurate data analysis and delivery of key information to key decision makers.


North Compass provides visibility of business-critical information across all your IT platforms in real-time dashboards and reports at all levels of your organization. The North Compass Artificial Intelligence engine also analyzes your data to provide often over-looked key insights for the success of your business.

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Staying competitive in today’s marketplace means being able to make use of the data that your company, and even your supply chain, collects. What good is data if its never used or is outdated by the time it is analyzed? North Compass will work with your organization to link your data sources and extract data for use in real-time dashboards with your designated KPIs. Utilize this newly mined data to make strategic business decisions and stay abreast of what is needed to delight your customers.

While many Business Intelligence (BI) Systems include benefits such as:

Supply Chain Integration – BI drives real-time knowledge transfer and visibility of supply chain operations. By integrating your supply chain data, you can identify cost reduction opportunities, perform demand analysis, and communicate supply chain performance concerns with more advanced notice. 

Visibility – Stay abreast of your KPIs at all times. With the click of a button, your key business data is available to you.

Savings – Instead of routinely recreating and updating reports, create the report one time in your dashboard. By connecting the dashboard to live data, current information is readily available.  

Improved Results – Inherently people desire to perform well. Dashboards play to employees’ innate desire to perform by giving clear indications of where the business is excelling and where improvements are needed. By setting up the proper KPIs for your business, your management drives success.

The North Compass Business Intelligence Suite offers all of the above plus these added benefits:

Integration / APIs – Integrate your data sources AND automate your processes across your company. Create real-time, actionable dashboards and reports for every level of your organization. 

North Compass Developers can also create a direct connection to your application to automate perfection in our DPM system.  For example, with our direct connection to Quick Books, you can automatically start a job fulfillment process when a sales order is generated. Once a job is complete, the DPM system will automatically send an invoice to the customer from the Quick Books system.

Drill-Through Dashboards and Reports – All reports have the capability of aggregating data and allowing drill-though reporting. If you notice an unfavorable trend, click on the chart to get lower-level detail until you determine the primary driver.

Custom Dashboards – All dashboards and reports utilize a drag-and-drop interface to quickly and easily create custom reports. Easily generate dashboards and reports for every level and function of your organization so that every manager has the information to succeed.

Exception Management – Close the gaps by knowing exactly where to focus resources to resolve issues and drive results.   Track data and automatically notify the appropriate personnel of process exceptions or missed KPIs. Even if a dashboard is not reviewed, exceptions are emailed to appropriate personnel and escalated as you designed.

Our added benefits give your company the following advantages:

Artificial Intelligence – "The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.   Data by itself is meaningless. Data must be analyzed and presented in a manner to allow actionable intelligence. By integrating the North Compass AI solution, your company can parse data to create actionable intelligence by identifying areas of opportunity and solutions to optimize your business processes.

Operations Expertise – North Compass brings decades of operations expertise to your table. With experience in Supply Chain, Operations, Quality, Engineering, Finance, Customer Service, Lean Six Sigma, and Business Optimization combined with a World Class application development team, we can support any area of your business. Let us help you integrate your data and create actionable dashboards and reports, automate your processes, improve quality and drive efficiency.

Software Integration (API) – Through the North Compass application development team, we can directly integrate almost any software application. Our developers can seamlessly tie your systems together to automate processes, trigger events, provide actionable data, and even generate actions in the parent program.

Data Integration – The North Compass team will work with your company to map all applicable data sources to the DPM system. Once mapped, live dashboards or reports can be generated, in addition to using the data for process automation.  North Compass will work with your IT team to ensure full data integrity and validation of any data transfers. Our development team can set up direct connections to your applications or utilize APIs, Web Services, or FTP based on your company’s requirements.

North Compass supports your journey to True North (The Pursuit of Perfection) in the following ways:

Integration – DPM connects with other platforms to leverage your company’s data. Our experts work with your team to integrate systems to give you the information you need when you need it. Data collected can be used to automate process decisions, can be integrated into the defined process flows, used in dashboards, or analyzed with our AI solution.

North Compass Developers can also make direct calls to your source applications via API to create seamless interactions between systems. 

Data Mapping – Data mapping can be an arduous task. North Compass Project Managers ease the burden by working with your organization’s IT department quickly and accurately map your data and ensure data integrity is maintained.  

Your Project Manager will also set up the mapped data sources in the report and dashboard manager, allowing seamless reporting from mapped data.

Report Development – Need help creating dashboards and reports? Your North Compass Project Manager will be happy to work with your team to identify KPIs to display and create the report for you.  

Artificial Intelligence – Is your organization in a highly competitive industry or looking to gain a competitive advantage? If so, allow the North Compass Development Team to set up our proprietary Artificial Intelligence solution to scour your company’s data. Uncover business optimization, scheduling optimization, customer insight, supply chain optimization, quality improvement, or a host of other improvement opportunities that may be currently hidden in your data.

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