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Your organization is operating optimally. Your management team has the time and ability to look ahead and find ways to continuously improve your own processes and those of your supply chain. You are taking giant leaps down the path of perfection and driving competitive advantage in an ever-changing marketplace.


Companies often lack agility to meet changing market conditions, fail to effectively implement sustainable change, lack supply chain visibility, and maintain inadequate document control systems leading to a loss of efficiency and competitive advantage.


The North Compass Dynamic Process Management (DPM) system provides a cost-effective and user-friendly tool for managers. It clearly highlights areas of greatest concern. The DPM provides documentation when and where needed, validates operations to improve quality, confirms employees are working on the right task at the right time, and provides web-based OJT training at the point-of-use.

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North Compass created a Business Process Management (BPM) tool so flexible, user-friendly and easy to modify, we had to call it Dynamic Process Management (DPM). DPM is designed to cost-effectively improve your company’s operations and drive profitability. Our DPM system can suit Global OEM manufacturers’ needs at only a fraction of the cost of other systems.

While many Business Process Management Systems include benefits such as:

Trackable and Flexible – the digital nature of BPM makes it possible to easily track and alter any business process of your organization through a centralized software solution.

Affordable – While most Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) require significant capital investments, revolutionary BPM systems are much less demanding and cost-effective.

Improved Productivity – BPM allows you to automate menial work and to streamline business processes by cutting out redundant or inefficient tasks, resulting in improved business productivity.

The North Compass DPM Solution offers all of the above plus these added benefits:

Task Management - The processes automatically schedule and assign tasks to your employees. Each employee knows the proper task to complete and coordination is guaranteed across departments and the supply chain. DPM verifies data entry and required document uploads in real time as employees complete their tasks.

Work Instructions - Employees select prioritized tasks where all job documentation and requirements are presented to the user. A Work Instruction tab provides input fields and step-by-step instructions for employees. Data is validated against specification limits and required signatures. If an input does not meet validation requirements, an exception is automatically generated for the designated authority to approve or reject the task completion. Calculations are performed in real time.

Reporting - Employees and management enjoy full visibility of process documentation, process status, and exception reporting. Automatic emails communicate late tasks, potential quality issues, and other custom key information to management and employees as you desire.

Live Dashboards - Data can be aggregated and reported in real time, not only from the DPM system, but also from other systems such as your MRP/ERP/Accounting systems.

Training - Training modules and / or videos can be added to tasks to enable on-the-job training (OJT) on-demand. Mandatory employee training is tracked with full visibility and can be set to prevent employees from completing tasks until training is complete.

Implementation - The best part is that a developer is not required to customize your application. Anyone in your company that understands process flow can intuitively build full applications for your business without incurring the cost and extra time of custom programming.

Scalability / Modular Applications – In addition to the designed scalability of the DPM system, your organization can install new modules as they become available to further scale your DPM to meet all of your business needs.

Omnipresent – by utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology, North Compass can integrate almost any piece of your software or hardware into the centralized DPM system.

Low code BPM – The North Compass BPM system works for everyone. All forms, reports, and workflows are drag-and-drop so no code is needed at all. Our BPM system also uses drag-and-drop functions and data objects for creating process automation functions.

Our added benefits give your company the following advantages:

Exception Management – Spend your time managing exceptions instead of the entire process. DPM allows you to automatically email notifications for critical jobs or tasks to let management know there is a problem the moment it occurs.

Agility – Quickly design and integrate new work flows into your organization. Our unique drag-and-drop workflow builder allows you to quickly change your process to meet customer demands. You can also build a top level “customer request” to “cash receipt” process and then create as many sub-processes as your organization needs to fulfill the order. The ability to create iterative process flows and sub-processes allows mapping and managing any business process.

Process Automation – Automate your business processes. Easily access data in the DPM or other connected applications to automatically follow a specific path, open/close tasks, error check data entry, send automated email notifications, and many other actions without the need of a developer.

Data Integration – DPM can connect to most other platforms to extract data for dashboard reporting, process automation, or even automating tasks in other applications. For example, our DPM allows you to automatically start a job when a sales order is entered in QuickBooks and automatically send an invoice from QuickBooks when a job is complete, in addition to many other tasks.

Integrated Video Training – Verify that your employees have completed all required training prior to starting work. Provide video training, in combination with integrated work instructions, at the point-of-use. Verify and document employee comprehension to improve quality and conform to Quality Management System standards.

Imagine a forklift driver who receives a reminder that his training is due every day for 2 weeks prior to his license expiring. If ignored, the day his license expires, he will not be able to pull up his job list until he has completed the required training. The driver’s manager also has visibility of his completion and DPM can send him an alert at the timing of your choice.

North Compass supports your journey to True North (The Pursuit of Perfection) in the following ways:

Hosted or Client Installation – Host your DPM system on the web or choose to place it on your own internal web-server. North Compass will work with your company to determine the best solution for your business and assist in the installation process.

3rd Party Solution Customization – Need a solution that is not developed yet? North Compass experts can build custom stand alone or integrated applications to fit any business need.

Integration – North Compass has enough technical breadth and expertise to provide strategic planning and execution of database integration for your solution regardless of the data source.

Maintenance & Optimization – Need assistance in setting up DPM, automating your processes, or implementing Lean improvements? Allow North Compass to assist your organization with our experienced Lean Six Sigma project managers and our application development experts.

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