Ideal Vision

Your operations are running like a top. Quality is assured with integrated tests that only print Certificates of Conformance when all quality aspects are confirmed. Your suppliers have finally achieved Just‑In‑Time delivery. You have confidence in your upgraded PM program with direct data from your equipment. Your customers love the new features, including auto‑ordering for consumable parts and additional product diagnostics. You have made your customers’ work easy and your job too.


Companies across the globe are starting to integrate IoT technology. How can a company cost-effectively implement IoT technology to create competitive advantage ?


Whether you are looking to automate operations decisions, add remote monitoring, improve asset and materials tracking, advance your predictive maintenance program, provide better customer service or optimize your factory and supply chain, the North Compass development team will exceed your expectations.

Our operations and application development experts work with your team to map your vision. We then design a solution, integrating systems and hardware, to exceed your vision and deliver you the competitive advantage you imagined. And we will continue to walk with you on the journey of your Pursuit of Perfection.

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For companies that have ventured into IoT, many have seen the following benefits:

Inventory and Material Tracking – Locate and monitor raw material, WIP, finished goods, and mobile assets in real‑time. Optimize logistics and inventory while improving quality and reducing occurrences of theft.

Real-time Asset Monitoring – Proactively identify maintenance issues and diagnose equipment to minimize downtime. Track quality problems and OEE to identify areas of opportunity within your business.

Connected Operational Intelligence – Improve decision making and performance tracking real-time KPIs by quickly and easily analyzing data throughout your value stream from multiple sources.

Supply Chain Integration – Work with vendors and customers to share data throughout the value stream, providing greater visibility for the OEM and end-customer.

Remote Service – Transfer data from field assets to diagnose and fix problems, improving asset up‑time and customer service.

Real-Time Competitive Advantage – Manufacturing companies continually seek to become more efficient, more profitable, and provide better customer service. IoT provides the real-time data and tools necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Instead of “putting out fires” and trying to manage the entire process, managers can see where resources are needed to transform their business while they focus on new strategies to drive growth and innovation.


IoT Integration – DPM connects with other platforms and hardware to leverage current IoT technology. Our experts work with your team to integrate systems and hardware to give you the data you need when you need it, simply. Automated process decisions based on machine data can be integrated into the defined process flows, used in dashboards, or analyzed with our AI solution.

Experienced Teams – North Compass provides full-service, end-to-end hardware / software interface expertise and software development teams specialized in every phase of the software development life cycle. 

From idea conception to full implementation and ongoing support, our team of seasoned operations experts, infrastructure specialists, architects, and developers are guaranteed to provide the highest level of support for your IoT demands.

AI and Dashboard Integration – The North Compass AI solution analyzes your data and identifies business optimization opportunities. The integrated dashboards provide senior management with real-time analysis for the KPIs you set for your business.

Bridge the Gap – Our complete IT teams ensure platform stability through integration of standard development and deployment procedures. Consistent communication and synergy between operations and development leads to more stable operating environments and less frustration.  Let us bridge the gap between Operations and IT.

100% Quality – North Compass Quality Assurance engineers take their jobs personally. They are passionate about making the final deliverable 100% clean and bug free. Our goal is to delight you so that you can focus on delighting your customers.

Integrated Teams – Our complete IT teams rapidly identify and resolve any production issues without the need for separate teams. We manage all routine deployments for enhancements and bug fixes with a focus on uninterrupted availability for your customers.

Continuing Support – Once your solution is deployed, our job is not over. Our teams consistently evaluate your software applications for performance optimization, redesign needs, and any changes necessary due to updated infrastructure requirements.

Efficient Issue Resolution – Know your needs are covered with a 60+ person global software development staff and 24/7 emergency coverage. With over 20 years of business experience and many delighted customers across the globe, rest assured that you are in good hands.

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