Ideal Vision

Employees are reaching their full potential. Knowledge transfer is closing gaps across the organization. You have achieved exceptional quality and full business continuity. Your vision is being accomplished.


Organizations often rely on tribal knowledge and “process experts” to train new employees. As knowledge experts leave the company, critical knowledge is often lost. Employees exhibit inadequate knowledge retention from traditional training methods which results in sub-standard quality and longer training curves.


The North Compass Learning Management System captures your key employees’ knowledge base in a readily accessible format. The video training sessions are presented at the point-of-use and on-demand. Competency verification and integrated training schedules ensure qualified personnel execute your operational goals, thus improving quality and process conformance within the process.

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North Compass offers video training on-demand as part of our comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS). Our LMS application can stand alone as a centralized hub for all corporate communications. Alternately, you can choose to integrate it with DPM to provide training at the point-of-impact, combining training with work instructions and certified knowledge assessments to verify competence.  

While many Training Platforms include benefits such as:

Content Availability – Retention is key. Trainees quickly forget over 60% of the material covered in traditional learning environments. LMS systems allow users to revisit course materials to reinforce learning. 

Training Records – Full audit records of courses and training completed by employees verify competence and compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements. 

Training Reminders – A LMS notifies management or required training for new hires, new positions, and when training needs to be repeated to keep compliance up-to-date. 

Saving Money – By providing on-demand video-based training, companies save money on travel and accommodation. Employees take less time off work and costs are significantly reduced compared to instructor-led courses. 

Multiple Site Consistency – Everyone in the company receives the same consistent message and training, regardless of their location.  

Performance Analytics – Each employee’s progress and performance is tracked. LMS systems certifies users are meeting their performance milestones. Analytics allow management to adjust courses to communicate and retain key lessons.

The North Compass Learning Management System offers all of the above plus these added benefits:

Certificate Learning – Inspect what you expect! Measure training effectiveness by creating relevant, targeted content. Asses employee progress with built-in knowledge checks to develop consistency and deliver accuracy. 

Training Within Industry – Practice makes perfect. Enable your employees to virtually coach one another, on their time, without having to set up formal in-person meetings.

  1. The power of self-evaluation and coaching is one click away.
  2. Open a means for your employees to communicate and learn from your best talent across the globe.
  3. Hone your skills when and as frequently as you desire. 

On-the-Job Training – Integrate Video Training with the Dynamic Process Management system to provide training on-demand and required training at the point-of-use. Achieve contentment knowing that all training requirements are met and documented prior to initiating work.  

Retention is improved as employees learn at the point-of-application utilizing tactile, auditory, and visual learning. Built-in knowledge checks assess learner progress, safeguard consistency, deliver accuracy, and document competency. Quality is enhanced through data‑validated visual work instructions.  

Corporate Learning – Amplify your learning environment through our video platform. Tailor our technology to fit your corporate learning objectives. 

Measurable ROI – With our unmatched certificate learning feature, monitoring, analytics, check points, and real-time user feedback, you’ll quickly experience increased productivity. 

Verification of Competency and Certification – By integrating the Learning Management System (LMS) into the Dynamic Process Management (DPM) system, your employees are confident knowing they are qualified prior to initiating work. Training can be setup to be mandatory or optional per employee, based on multiple criteria you choose. 

Omnipresent – Employees can access learning modules at any time from any location. Search, stream, and share relevant learning material anytime, anywhere, on any device. Make your company’s most valuable knowledge easily accessible by those that need it most.

Our added benefits give your company the following advantages:

Point-of-Use OJT Training – Employees learn and immediately put it into action, far superior to classroom instruction that must later be applied to the job. 

Centralized Training – LMS provides a centralized hub for all corporate communications including videos, documents, images, and audio file sharing, along with valuable social collaboration components. Your dedicated and corporate branded channel is available on demand from virtually anywhere, with reliable performance featuring mobile access, production assistance, and do-it-yourself options. 

Knowledge Management – Capture your tenured employees’ valuable knowledge and make it available for all future employees. By capturing “tribal knowledge” and recording it in an easy to use format with competency verification, your company retains valuable knowledge when tenured employees leave their role or your organization.

Competency Verification – Verify that your employees have completed all required training and certifications prior to initiating work. Never again have an audit finding for an employee’s expired certification. Our system guarantees employees will not be able to pull up their job list until required training is completed.

North Compass supports your journey to True North (ThePursuit of Perfection) in the following ways:

Production Services – One-stop-shop. We not only host your content, we can create it too.

  1. A video platform is only as good as its content. Let us help you.
  2. Application training, green screen, in-studio, or on-site, our team can assist you with any video production needs.
  3. Do it yourself. We can teach you best practices in creating amazing training videos to engage your audience and quickly grow your platform. 

Initial Setup – North Compass can assist in loading your company’s training data and in setting up specific, custom rules to best mandate training within your organization. 

Competency Verification – Need help setting up competency requirements for a particular position or job task? Let a North Compass expert guide you in generating the requirements and test questions to verify competence.

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