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Your organization is operating efficiently, effectively allocating your current resources. No waste, no chaos needing what is not available. Employees and customers are delighted.


Companies rely on the effective planning of constrained resources (equipment, machinery, and people) to drive efficiency in the business and stay competitive in the marketplace, but small and mid-sized companies often lack a cost-effective production system. These companies rely on Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, or the “Big Chief” tablet (paper based) system to manage their operations.

Larger companies often find gaps in their ERP system in managing day-to-day operations or find their scheduling algorithms fail to provide desired efficiencies.


Utilize the North Compass Production Planning and Control module to fully manage your production scheduling while improving your forecasts and optimizing your production processes. Alternately utilize the North Compass software to integrate with existing ERP/MRP systems to improve scheduling efficiency.

The North Compass DPM System works with your current ERP/MRP software or independently to plug holes in your current business processes. Utilizing visual work instructions, data validation, task management, and the ability to quickly and effectively create custom processes, you are assured in driving productivity, efficiency, and quality throughout your organization.

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Achieve a competitive advantage and improve profits while closing gaps, eliminating waste, and "wowing" your customers. To accomplish this vision, effective Production Planning and Control is critical to improve productivity, effectively manage inventory, and increase resource utilization (man and machine).

By integrating DPM with your MRP, ERP, or Production Planning and Control Software, North Compass brings unparalleled savings and efficiency to your operations by eliminating waste, improving quality, and supporting your workforce.

Is your company looking to improve your Production Planning and Control process or still executing production planning and control manually, in Excel, or a home-built database? North Compass is working to bring you a fully integrated Production Planning and Control Solution to address your scheduling and material planning needs.

While many Production Control Systems include benefits such as:

Inventory Management – Inventory levels are a critical component of manufacturing management. Too much inventory unnecessarily drains capital, increases excess and obsolete inventory, and generates waste in warehouse and production operations. Too little inventory causes havoc in production by having to move around orders when parts are not available or upsetting customers due to failure to meet promise dates.  

Capacity Planning – Companies must know and understand their total capacity to make accurate predictions for promise delivery dates. Each job utilizes the limited capacity of both machinery and employees.
Production Planning and Control software looks at all of the scheduled jobs in a given facility or company and generates detailed dispatch lists for each manufacturing resource, freeing up management’s time to look ahead to new innovations. 

By optimizing the production schedule and creating a finite plan, companies drive profitability and can answer questions such as: What job should we run next? Should I work overtime this weekend? Which job will be late? 

Resource Utilization – Resources are expensive. You want to receive maximum return on your investment. Production planning and control software maximizes utilization and minimizes cost to drive efficiency and profitability in your business.

The North Compass Production Planning and Control Suite offers all of the above plus these added benefits:

Integration – By utilizing DPM, your overall production control markedly improves. Individual employees know what to work on first with prioritized task lists. Web‑based visual work instructions provide guidance during the job and the integrated document control system gives employees all the information needed at the click of a button.

Data validation and recording ensure that Critical‑to‑Quality measurements are verified prior to moving forward in the process and a full audit trail is maintained. Exceptions are immediately brought to the management’s attention to resolve. The LMS ensures that employees are competent to perform the work requested and training is available at the point‑of‑use if review is needed. 

By integrating with the North Compass Warehouse Management System, you always know your material availability prior to job release by looking at the BOMs and available inventory.  

Future Production Planning and Control – North Compass is working to bring you a fully integrated production planning and control solution. The integrated solution will allow your company to utilize the scheduling engine to improve your forecasts and optimize your production process. The system will also provide manufacturing shop orders, planned purchase orders, and information on “capable to promise” based on current and forecasted jobs.
If you are currently using a more manual or home‑built system, North Compass can provide options for a fully integrated system that includes material and capacity planning at cost‑effective prices..

North Compass supports your journey to True North (The Pursuit of Perfection) in the following ways:

Setup and Integration – The North Compass team can assist your company from initial install through a full-scale implementation and deployment to your operations environment. Our team of experts are prepared to:

  • Install the DPM solution and integrate your current production systems (MRP, ERP, Accounting, Production Planning, etc.) 
  • Support any hardware implementations to reach your company’s vision, including barcoding, industrial tablets, or shop computers to provide access to critical manufacturing data for your employees
  • Assist in building work instructions and video training
  • Train your employees on the use of the system
  • Verify full system functionality to meet your goals 

Production Planning and Control Development – Work with our team of experts to develop our next generation of Production Planning and Control software. Your team will have an active voice in generating requirements to meet your company’s specific needs, including integration with warehouse management and your other in-house software. Ask us about the amazing benefits you could receive by becoming a development partner with North Compass.

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