Ideal Vision

You hardly even focus on warehouse operations anymore. The transition to your new WMS was easy because your WMS conformed to your operations instead of your operations conforming to your WMS.

You know your warehouse is efficient and accurate as a result of your new innovative, reliable, cost-effective material management system. Goodbye waste!  Goodbye frustrations! Welcome to delighted customers, happy employees and managing your business to its true potential.


Many small and mid-size manufacturing companies have ineffective material management systems due to cost constraints. Often these companies purchase a pre-packaged system where the company must match its operations to the pre-packed system design. This mismatch results in ugly, problematic gaps.


The North Compass Warehouse Management System provides a reliable, flexible, and customized solution for your warehouse management needs at a fraction of the cost of other WMS systems. North Compass partners with you to match the WMS to YOUR business processes. We quality check each transaction to ensure accurate inventory control and efficiency for your operation .

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Although warehouse management computing is considered as one of the “classical” IT areas, effective warehouse control remains a source of frustration for most medium sized companies. There are deep reasons for this, as WMS can be a very complicated and multi-faceted area of business. It always requires a strong commitment throughout the enterprise.  

Working with many clients in different verticals, we learned that every company runs their inventory a little differently. Yes, this is true, even for such well-defined functions like moving, receiving, shipping, re-working or scraping the inventory items. The logic of the transaction varies and every business is indeed different.  

Our WMS philosophy at North Compass is that the Inventory software system has to conform to the business, not the other way around. Therefore, we designed our WMS with maximum flexibility in mind. The screens, and the very logic of each transaction were designed to comply with the specifics of each business. Despite this flexibility, it is not “one size fits all”. Rather, we deliver a customization-friendly platform, allowing for modifications “to fit like a glove”. The tuning of our system to each given client is an essential part of our implementations.

Our WMS provides vast out-of-the-box functionality covering the basics of barcoding. During the implementation process, it is important to comprehensively cover inventory tracking across the enterprise, including label printing, raw materials flow, finished goods flow, work-in-process, re-work, quality controls, shipping and many other processes.  

We commit to 100% inventory accuracy. Our in-house experts analyze your warehouse operations and make recommendations for improvements. We offer many custom processes for unique industry demands, such as cure‑time management, lot / heat number management, expiration management, and FIFO inventory management.

North Compass WMS unique features:

  • Support of Fixed, Random, Dynamic, or Mixed slotting
  • Integrated bar-code scanning
  • A set of 50 pre-built management reports
  • Integration with other Enterprise systems (e.g. reading the list of purchase and sales orders from ERP)
  • Open architecture for B2B integration for supply chain management on multiple levels
  • Label Printing
  • Lot Control
  • FIFO
  • Product Cure Time Management
  • Off-site location management (e.g. mobile inventory on the company delivery vehicles)
  • Order Status Management
  • Receive materials into warehouse (with or without PO)
  • Ship (with or without SO)
  • Move materials inside the enterprise
  • Warehouse-to-warehouse transfers (external and internal)
  •  “Production complete”, consuming RM and producing Finished Goods
  • Materials Adjustment
  • QA hold integration
  • Inquiries (Item, Part, Location etc.)
  • Information Security on several levels

Power of Accurate Real-Time Data:

When the WMS system is implemented, the power of accurate real-time data at your fingertips is immense. For example:

  •  Sales department employees access available inventory with ease and accuracy. Goodbye guess working and frustrated customers.
  • Production planners experience drastic improvements in the precision of their forecasts, as accurate inventory numbers are compared against the demand, showing shortages versus overages.
  • Corporate buyers see exactly when and how many raw materials or inbound components are needed.
  • Warehouse / Logistics personnel easily locate items, knowing the exact timing and location of all shipments. Hello efficiency, accuracy, thriving employees, and delighted customers! 
  • Management sees the big picture and can finally drill into the details.
  • Real-time costing and real-time cost analysis finally become possible, as all numbers are available.
  • All other Enterprise systems (such as ERP, CRM, Production Planning, HR) can receive data from WMS in real‑time.
  • WMS opens the road for next steps for plant / warehouse automation, IoT, predictive analytics. 
  • Integrate WMS with the rest of the North Compass platform to create real‑time task and pick lists for warehouse personnel. Also ensure that all operators comply with required training, such as forklift licenses.

Journey to True North (The Pursuit of Perfection)

North Compass experts always start engagement with a comprehensive business process analysis, as we believe that WMS software logic should comply to your business flow, and not the other way around. Your customized system will fit you like a glove. We quality check the implementation with you, transaction by transaction, to guarantee 100% accuracy. 

An important part of the process is the integration with the company ERP or CRM, so that the systems exchange information in real‑time. System integration opens huge benefits for warehouse and non-warehouse employees alike. Non-warehouse employees receive instant access to critical information from the convenience of familiar systems. Warehouse personnel and others will be delighted by the detailed pre-built reports in the WMS.  

Often, WMS own native reports become very popular as they provide the detailed level of information, greatly appreciated by both warehouse and non-warehouse workers.

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