Ideal Vision

You know that policy is followed throughout your company. Your employees execute flawlessly and any exception to policy is approved at the proper level of your organization. Your comfort in knowing that your employees will comply with your policy allows you to focus on new opportunities and growth. You have closed the gap between your policy and execution.


The dissemination of corporate policy is often managed by manual roll-outs across an organization, often missing personnel and lacking feedback on comprehension and effectiveness. Corporations must rely on manual processes to enforce corporate policy.


The North Compass Policy Manager (NCPM) provides a web‑based platform to manage and launch policy campaigns with built‑in comprehension feedback. By tying policy into the North Compass DPM system, employees execute to your vision. Applicable exceptions are easily managed by the appropriate relevant authority.

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Pursue Perfection through the North Compass Policy Manager.  With the NC PM, your company easily manages, organizes, and updates policies from anywhere, any time. Deliver your policy campaigns globally while collecting, tracking, and reporting acknowledgements and comprehension. Close compliance gaps and verify effectiveness.  Combine with the DPM system, using an IDEF0 policy management overlay, to enforce your policies across all applicable areas of your business, simply.

While many Policy Management Systems include benefits such as:

Updateable and traceable policy documents – Easily maintain and distribute policy documents among an organization. Verify compliance that all applicable staff read and approved current policies. 

Risk Management – Hold staff accountable for reading and verifying policy changes. Quickly identify and close exceptions. Document policy revisions, approvals, and campaigns to verify compliance to regulatory and statutory requirements. 

Automated Workflow – Document workflow manages the process of creating, editing, and reviewing policies. Manage approvals through electronic signatures and send notifications to those in the approval workflow to expedite the process. 

Audit-Ready Reports – Quickly demonstrate policy compliance. Easily prepare for audits through pre-built compliance and exception reports.

The North Compass Policy Manager offers all of the above plus these added benefits:

Better Control and Audit Compliance – Managers instantly update policies and deploy policy campaigns.  Review acknowledgements with built-in reports and verify employee knowledge retention through targeted quizzes. Create review dates to ensure that all employees review policies on a defined, recurrent basis.

Traceability – Reliable information is always at your fingertips. Full version history allows management to track policy changes over time, verifying who made and distributed each change. Full approval and acknowledgement history is readily available. 

Management Risk – No more time wasted following-up on compliance. Automatically add to each employee’s task list to acknowledge and verify retention of policy. Follow-up with automated emails if the acknowledgement is not received in a timely manner. Quickly review exceptions as you desire. 

Enforcement – Combine the NCI Policy Manger with DPM to enforce your policy changes globally. Easily verify conformance and ensure that all procedures are instantly updated to reflect the new policy. 

Automated Workflow – Create and automate document workflows. The system makes the process of creating, editing, and reviewing policies easy and fully traceable. Manage approvals through electronic signatures and send notifications to those in the approval workflow to expedite the process. 

Audit-Ready Reports – Quickly demonstrate compliance with pre-built reports. Manage your exceptions and automatically send reminders to ensure compliance.

With the time you have saved while improving quality, dare to DREAM more and further pursue your ideal vision.

Our added benefits give your company the following advantages:

Visibility & Exception Management – Integrated with the DPM Task Management system, employees see a prioritized task list on-demand. By placing policy acknowledgements at the top of the list, employees attend to this quickly. Customized, automated email reminders can be sent to employees and their chain of command when policy acknowledgment deadlines are missed. Built‑in exception reporting allow managers to ensure 100% compliance. This saves time and facilitates employee and management satisfaction.

Agility – Quickly create and update new policies. Route them with visual approval flows and create campaigns to target specific departments / locations.

Competence Verification – Eliminate policy chaos by creating campaigns with both documents and video to improve retention of key policies. Close the gaps between your policy and full comprehension with built in tests to ensure policy is understood and can be applied effectively.

Enforcement – Guarantee employees comply with policy by integrating the Policy Manager with DPM. By utilizing shared data and an IDEF0 policy overlay, applicable policy is applied to your departments globally. As processes are built, inputs and outputs of the policy interact with your procedures to ensure global compliance.

Imagine that corporate desires to change net payables from 30+ days to 45+ days. By simply changing the net payable days in the NCPM, you are guaranteed that every procedure globally instantly complies to the new policy.    

Your time is freed from mundane enforcement and instead focused on your Pursuit of Perfection.

North Compass supports your journey to True North (The Pursuit of Perfection) in the following ways:

Initial Setup – The North Compass team is ready to assist you in setting up your Policy Manager system. Your assigned project manager will help you:

  1. Load employees or integrate with LDAP or other data sources
  2. Upload and structure all current policy and training records
  3. Setup locations and departments to support campaigns
  4. Assist you in the deployment of your campaigns 

Policy Enforcement – North Compass Project Managers will help you create and apply corporate policy functions to your process. Policies will be assigned to specific departments and locations for easy integration of policy and procedures. Exception management will be setup with relevant authorities to override policy where applicable.

Policy Development / Deployment – Utilize North Compass expertise to help your company’s management create policies that are understandable, effective and sound. Once a policy is developed, North Compass assists you in creating a campaign, competency verification, and tracking to ensure the campaign’s effectiveness.

Maintenance & Optimization – Often companies mix policy and procedure. Let North Compass review and optimize your Management System Documentation to improve clarity and simplify policy management.

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